Taste is a very personal thing. This Swedish plus-size model breaks all stereotypes about the appearance of a model. Her name is Natasha Crown, she is 24 and she has a big butt. A really big butt.

This girl is very popular, she takes part in different erotic photo shoots, and it brings her a great income. Natasha regularly performs plastic surgeries and she does not hide it. This fancy girl loves herself and her appearance.

She admits that she is not going to stop there: Natasha is ready for new crazy experiments with her plastic surgeon. In this article, we will tell you more about this amazing model and her plans for the future. It is gonna be very interesting!

Natasha was 20 when she did her first operation to enlarge her buttocks. Already then she confessed she was obsessed with this part of her body and she wanted to make her butt much bigger.

Now, this model is working hard on her dream: she eats very high-calorie food, lots of sweets and fast food, as she wants to make a fat deposit on her buttocks.

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“When I wake up in the morning, I first look in the mirror at my beautiful ass. I'm crazy about my body! Do you know what? I think I have a really small booty and I want to make it so much bigger!”, - admits a model.

“Maybe I suffer from dysmorphia (mental illness, when a patient misjudges his weight and body fat percentage) but I don’t care about it! - says a girl. She not only did surgery on her butt, she also enlarged her lips and boobs.

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It may be added that Natasha gains a great popularity in the network. She has about 200 thousand followers on Instagram, who gives her compliments under each post. She also has her own official website where she shares her photo shoots.

“I love this feeling when I walk and my buttocks are swaying. This is an incredible feeling!",- says Natasha Crown.

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