For many years, French women were considered as the standard of harmony and elegance which they achieved without much effort. Moreover, it seems that the French women manage to maintain grace until old age.

French women - one of the most slender girls, having a thin waist and beautiful legs. But how do they manage it when they live in a country where at every step you can buy amazing cheese, crispy baguette and fine wine?

Today we will reveal not only all the secrets of harmony in French, but also tell how they manage to enjoy life, allowing themselves everything and even more, and remain so thin, elegant and beautiful. Scroll down to find out the details.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

# 1 Food for pleasure

French women retain a way of thinking that allows them to remain slender without much effort. For the French, food is a form of leisure, enjoyed with friends and family. They pay attention to food and eat for pleasure, not out of necessity.

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# 2 They choose quality food

French women refer to their bodies as a temple and are extremely attentive in the choice of food. On their plate should lie only the freshest, high-quality and delicious food.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

# 3 They eat slowly

Their main secret is that they eat slowly, in small portions, tasting each piece. The goal in eating food for them is not to eat, but to get pleasure from eating. They like to have fun at the table and they never overeat.

# 4 They do not forbid anything to themselves

French women eat everything they want, without giving up gastronomic joys of life, which we, the girls, need so much. They are well aware of the fact that sometimes our desires should come true and do not forbid themselves a daily "little pleasure."

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

# 5 They keep the balance

French women like bread and croissants. According to the French women, they can not grow fat, if ... do not overeat. At the same time, during meals, they always think about food, and they never chew mechanically. This simple rule is actually very important.

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# 6 They eat moderately sugar and salt

French women love moderation not only in makeup and clothing, but also in food. From childhood, they are accustomed to the fact that food should preserve its natural taste and aroma, and not be terribly salty or extremely sweet.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

# 7 They do not snack on the go

French women say "no" snacks on the go, so it's better to put aside a huge piece of cake with coffee if you want to maintain weight. They think that eating is a very important process and it should be done with pleasure, not on the go.

# 8 They always set the table

Eating for them is a real ritual, which makes of ordinary dinner something special. French women like to set the table beautifully, decorate it, and only then to eat.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

# 9 They prefer moderate physical activity

As for physical activity, Frenchwomen are not fond of intensive training in the gym, but try to lead an active lifestyle, preferring to walk instead of using a car.

# 10 They do not stand on the scales

To continue the statement about the ability of French women to enjoy life, I want to mention another important point. They almost never get on the scales! French girls believe that this is a waste of time, because your own reflection in the mirror will tell you much more than the numbers on the scales.

Crdit: Pixabay

Crdit: Pixabay

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